Fees – Entry fees for all ISSMA events for the 2014-2015 school year may be located on page 80 of the Music Festivals Manual. There have been no increase in fees for this year for any participant or spectator.

Entries – Entry for all ISSMA events, EXCEPT Solo and Ensemble, will be submitted electronically on the ISSMA website. Submission must occur by the calendar designated deadline.   NOTE: Calendar of ENTRY DEADLINES on page a. There is further clarification regarding entry procedures on pages 6 and 7.

Music provided for Adjudicators – Improper utilization of photocopied literature will be addressed as written on page 8 letter F.

Awards and Ratings

A complete listing of all Award designations may be found on page 34 - 35 of the Music Festivals Manual. Details regarding the designation of points for ratings may be found on each adjudication sheet beginning on page 37.

A Junior/Middle “All-Music Award” has been implemented for this school year. The process for qualification for this new award is listed on page 35, Letter F, number 5 and 6.

Marching Band

Enrollment Numbers – The new Enrollment Categories are listed on page 9, section VII-E and are based upon enrollment statistics Grades 9-12. Individual school enrollment statistics may be found on the ISSMA website.

Classification System – There will be three main classifications for marching bands: Festival Class, Scholastic Class, and Open Class.
The delineation of differences and requirements of participation in each classification is explained throughout section VII: Marching Band Events, pages 8 - 14.

Summer Showcase – This performance venue is open to any and all Indiana High School Marching Bands. This event has been established for those bands concluding a summer marching season, or for those that are looking for a performance opportunity at the beginning of the fall season. Details may be found on page 11, letter P.

Control of Sound Equipment – The guidelines for the controlling of sound equipment during the performance period have been adjusted. See page 8, Letter C, number 5.

Regional Draw with mileage consideration See page 13, Letter S, number 7b.

Scholastic Finals Senior Class student retreat See page 13, Letter R, number 5g.

Open Regional Division Rating Cut off numbers for Open C and D – See page 13, Letter S, number 7c.

Critique offered at Open Class Invitational event – A critique session will be provided at the conclusion of the Open Class Invitational.

Solo and Ensemble

New Group I Manual for Vocal Solos and Ensembles – There is a new manual for Vocal events. It is important that you inform your students and private teachers of the change of literature. There have been NUMEROUS changes to the literature on each list. Event 177 and 182 now have separate lists. It is also important to note that Event 177 at the Group I level requires a minimum of 4 participants.
Former Event 164, Boys Unchanged Voice, has been combined with Event 162, Young Man’s Voice. The addition of “attacks and releases” has been added to the assessment sheet.

Jazz Events

Suggested Jazz Literature for String events – A list of potential compositions has been included this year in the Jazz Literature List for String Jazz Events.

State Show Choir Classification Numbers – The new classification numbers are listed on page 33, section XIII-E and are based upon enrollment statistics Grades 9-12. Individual school enrollment statistics may be found on the ISSMA website.

Show Choir Timing Penalties – Penalties have been adjusted for timing concerns. See page 33, Letter S.

Maximum number of JME Jazz Participants – To assist with the new JME “All-Music Award”, the maximum number of participants has been adjusted. See page 31 and 32.

Concert Organization

Vocal Ensemble Assessment Sheet – The addition of “attacks and releases” has been added to the assessment sheet. See page 65.

Revision of Choral Sight-reading Compositional Guidelines – See sight-reading compositional guidelines on ISSMA website.

Performance Schedules – See page 7-J, page 21-Q, and 26-R.

It is your responsibility to be aware of all rules and procedures for all events.

Please contact our office for any clarification.

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