Highlights and Rule Changes for 2016-2017

Fees – Options to pay fees online via credit card or PayPal are now available. There have been several increases in entry fees approved by the State Board for this year. Please note: Due to copyright concerns the fee for providing an archival video is now included in all Marching Band and Group I Qualification entry fees. Entry fees for all ISSMA events are located on Pg 84.

Entries – Entry for all ISSMA events, EXCEPT Solo and Ensemble, will be submitted electronically via the ISSMA website. NOTE: ENTRY DEADLINES for District Jazz, J.M.E. Organization, H.S. Organization, and Group I Qualifications are earlierand have been changed from Saturday to Wednesday. Submission deadline dates are now included on the Calendar on the inside front coverof the Manual.

Emergency Delay of Schedule – The ISSMA Contest Manager or Site Host will have the capacity to delay the contest schedule in order to accommodate emergency logistical situations at any ISSMA event. Pg 8, V.K

Maps - All references to MapQuest have been changed to Google Maps.

Awards and Ratings
All Music Award – The deadline of March 1st has been set for submission of materials to validate meeting the requirement for the J.M.E. or H.S. “All Music Award”. Pg 38, XIV.F.1b,2a,3a,5a

Marching Band

Enrollment Numbers/Classifications – The Classification Enrollment Numbers for Scholastic and Open Class are listed on Pg 9, E.2.Note: Individual school enrollment statistics may be found on the ISSMA website.
Sound Control during Performance – Clarification for controlling sound during the performance can be found on Pg 8, VII.C.5.

Missing Judge – The procedure to follow when a judge is unable to fulfill their assignment is identified on Pg. 11, VII.L.6.

All Music Award – Included in the Marching Band criteria for earning the All Music Award is the following: A Gold Division Rating at any ISSMA Marching Band event or qualifying for the Open Class State Finals. Pg 14, VII.S.4.

Tabulation – All sub-captions and sub-caption ordinals have been removed on all marching band recaps.

Festival Class Penalty Form – Change all references to “lowest” judge’s score on penalty sheet to “best” judge’s score. Pg 50 

Judge Evaluation A new online judge evaluation form will be available on the ISSMA website the Wednesday following each event. ISSMA website

Judge Briefing Materials – There have been numerous changes to the judge briefing materials. ISSMA website

Open Class Invitational – The number of bands allowed to participate in this event has been changed from 30 to 34. Pg 14, VII.S.6b

Tenth Place Tie – The top ten bands in each enrollment category at each Open Class Regional site will be entered in the Open Class Semi-state. In the event of a tenth place tie, all ties will advance to Semi-state. Pg 14, VII.S.8b

Solo and Ensemble

New Group I Manual for Brass Solos and Ensembles – It is important that you inform your students and private teachers of the revisions. Please check your student’s selections against the new required list prior to making an entry. ISSMA website

Fees – To help offset the increase in facility and piano/keyboard expenses the fee for all solos has been increased to $15.00. Pg 84

Revised Percussion Ensemble Adjudication Form Pg 57

Jazz Events

District Jazz Soloist Award – Outstanding soloists will be awarded recognition ribbons at the District Jazz Event. Pg 32, XII.A.9

Entry Deadline – The entry deadline for all Jazz events has been changed to Wednesday, January 25th.  Inside Front Cover

FeePlease note $20 increase in District Jazz entry fee approved by the State Board. Pg 84

Vocal Jazz/Show Choir “With Distinction” – The score needed to qualify for “With Distinction” has been corrected to align with Instrumental Jazz Ensembles. Pg 37, XIV.B.5

State Jazz Finals Selection Process – The “blind” adjudication system for qualifying for State Jazz Finals has been changed to a system similar to Group I Qualifications. Directors wishing to enter Group I Instrumental or Vocal Jazz Ensembles should read this section of the manual as there are numerous changes. Pgs 34 & 35, XIII.A.1-16

New Group I Jazz Adjudication Forms – To accommodate the change above, new Group I Instrumental Jazz Ensemble and Group I Vocal Jazz Ensemble adjudication forms can be found on Pgs 65 & 66.

Revised State Jazz Finals Adjudication Form – Minor changes have been made to the State Finals adjudication form including Jazz Excitement category to Artistry. Pg 67

Unisex Division – The Women’s Division has been changed to a Unisex Division. Pg 36, XIII.B.5

Show Choir Microphones – The number and type of microphones has been changed. Pg 36, XIII.B.16

Concert Organization

Entry Deadlines – A single Wednesday deadline date has been established for all 3 weeks of J.M.E Organization Festivals and a single Wednesday deadline date has been established both weeks of H.S. Organization Festivals and Group I Qualifications.  Inside Front Cover

Fees – Please note $20 increase in J.M.E. Organization entry fee and $30 increase in H.S. Organization entry fee approved by the State Board. Pg 84

Scheduling Requests – New guidelines for Friday/Alternate Day Scheduling Requests.  Pgs 21 & 22, IX.M.1&2 & Pgs 26 & 27, X.M.1&2

Use of Electronic Instruments – Use of electronic instruments is prohibited in Group I H.S. Concert Organization events except when specifically called for in the original notation of the score or when an electronic keyboard is used to reproduce piano, organ, harpsichord, celeste or harp. Pg 23, IX.R11 & Pg 28, X.S.12

Sight-reading - Group I Qualifications Instrumental and Choral Sight Reading Adjudication forms have been revised to match the language of the rubric with the language on the District Organization Adjudication form. Pgs 75 & 77

Multiple Group I Qualifications Entries – All instrumental ensembles from the same school must enter at the same performance site. All vocal ensembles from the same school must enter at the same performance site. Instrumental and vocal ensembles with shared personnel must enter at same/companion sites. Pg 27, X.P

Additional Sight-reading Parts/Special Needs Requests – Directors with special sized instrument sections requiring additional parts should indicate such on their event entry form. Directors with special needs students requiring specific accommodation considerations must contact the ISSMA office. All such requests must be received at least one week prior to the performance event.  Pg 23, IX.T.7 & Pg 28, V.7

It is your responsibility to be aware of all rules and procedures for all events.

Please contact our office for any clarification.

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