Highlights and Rule Changes for 2018-2019


Changes in Event Fee Schedule.  Pg. 89
State Concert Organization Qualifications Band & Orchestra $300/Choral $250
All Marching Band Events except Open Class State Finals - $265

Marching Band


Awards – All trophies for Marching Band events have changed and all references to trophy sizes have been eliminated.

Adjudication – Language regarding the adjudication of Scholastic and Open Class events has been revised.  Pg. 13, VII.R.2
(Note:  Performing ensembles in Scholastic and Open Class will no longer receive score sheets from judges in each individual caption.  Formative Assessment will be in the form of recorded commentary. Judges will use ISSMA provided tote sheets. Pg. 41-48. (Technology permitting, recorded commentary and scoring will be made available via Competition Suite.)

Personnel Passes – "Directors may purchase an additional sheet of 6 Equipment Personnel passes for each marching band event, at the time of entry." Pg. 12, VII.O.2

Prop Personnel – "Any person may be used as prop personnel during the staging, set-up, and exit time.  Only students in grades 5-12 will be prop personnel during the performance time.  These students will be considered performers and will be counted as part of the total number of performers in Scholastic Class.  Any school using students in grades 5-6 as prop personnel must submit copies of signed parent permission forms to ISSMA for said students if requested by the ISSMA Office."  Pg. 8, VII.C.4

Marching Band Committee - "This committee will be made up of participants in the marching band events and will consist of eight members and the Executive Committee.  The eight members of the committee will include one member from each zone.  It is the committee’s responsibility to make recommendations on all rules and regulations herein outlined in Section VII."  Pg. 11, VII.K

Penalties –
"No band will be assessed more than 10 total points, and/or be lowered more than one division rating, due to penalties."

Pg. 11, VII.N.1, Pg. 49-50, Open/Scholastic Class Marching Band Penalty Sheet
"Not performing in drawn order (program order). – 10 points subtracted from Total Score"  Pg. 49, Open/Scholastic Class Marching Band Penalty Summary

With Distinction Point Totals for Indoor Scholastic and Open Class Performances – This information has been added to Pg. 13, VII.R.4 for Scholastic Class and Pg. 14, VII.S.5 for Open Class.

Open Class Regional Assignments – "Assignments of performance sites for Regional participation will be based upon geographical and travel distance consideration.  A comparable balance of performers in a specific enrollment category at a specific site will be maintained and defined as no more than a three-band differential, once a total of 11 bands have been assigned in that category.  Directors may indicate Regional site preference on the Regional entry.  However, ISSMA cannot guarantee the granting of site preferences due to the above-mentioned considerations."  Pg. 14, VII.S.7.a

Site Selection –"For Marching Band sites, additional considerations will include the following: 1) Proximity of site to participating schools, 2) Stadium logistics including press box facilities, seating capacity (front and back), entrance and exit, and performance surface (i.e. turf), 3) Internet access/connectivity, 4) Sufficient space to accommodate necessary warm up areas, 5) Accessibility of site for participants and spectators, 6) Adequate parking for participants and spectators, and 7) Indoor performance venue/ facilities." Pg. 10, I.1

Weather Related Issues – Language regarding "Priorities for Marching Performance Facilities" has been revised. Pg. 10, VII.I.3-7

Solo and Ensemble

Entry Information –
"Solo & Ensemble event entries omitted from a District WPS or VP entry form which met the entry deadline may be added to that school’s entry for the particular WPS or VP festival entered, by the teacher who made the original entry. A processing fee of $20.00 per event in addition to the regular event fee must be paid using the ISSMA Online Payment Center prior to acceptance of the entry." Pg. 7, IV.F

New Group I Manual for Percussion Solos and Ensembles – It is important that you inform your students and private teachers of the revisions.  Please check your students’ selections against the new required list prior to making an entry.  See ISSMA Website

Recognized Instrumental Solo and Ensemble Events – Event No. 048, Large Woodwind Ensemble (7-20, no percussion) is now listed as 048 Large Woodwind Ensemble (7-20, no percussion, required list) OR Double Reed Choir (7-20, no percussion, no required list). Pg. 17

Ensemble Membership – "An ensemble in Groups II through V that has missing members may still be judged for a rating in the original event if all parts are covered. This includes Small Ensembles (3-6), Trios, Quartets, Quintets, and Sextets, as well as Large Ensembles (7-20) that might appear with 6 or fewer members but still have all parts covered. If all parts are not covered, the event will be judged for “Comment Only”.   No member of an ensemble shall be allowed to perform the same selection in more than one ensemble."  Pg. 20, VIII.H.5

"Ensembles performing in Group I shall use the instrumentation that the composition and event numbers specify.  If transposed and/or cued instrumentation is substituted, the ensemble must enter the miscellaneous category.  For Large Ensemble Event Nos. 046, 047, 048, 049, 090, 145, and 146, transposed and/or cued parts that are included with the original score, or that are transcribed from an existing part are acceptable, provided that all parts of the musical score are covered.  Electronic instruments may not substitute for indicated instruments.  An electric bass may be used to perform a bass part in a percussion ensemble if it is indicated in the musical score."  Pg. 20, VIII.H.8

Jazz/Show Choir Events

State Show Choir Finals –
New Adjudication Forms for the State Show Choir Finals can be found on Pg. 73-75. The Criterion-Reference forms found on Pg. 70-72 will remain in use for all Qualification Invitationals.

District Soloist Information Forms –"Soloist Information Forms with judges’ comments/scores will be returned to directors to facilitate the distribution of award ribbons to the correct soloists." Pg. 32, XII.A.10

State Soloist Information Forms - "Soloist Information Forms will not be returned to directors as soloist awards will be presented on stage during the awards ceremony."  Pg. 36, XIII.A.11

Ensemble Membership – For Instrumental Ensembles –"Groups may have no more than 24 performing members per musical selection, with a limit of 30 total certified members." Pg. 34, XII.D.4, F.4

For Instrumental Combos - "A minimum of 3 and no more than 9 performers per musical selection" Pg. 35, XII.H.4

Jazz/Show Choir Finals – "Any violation in the rules for this event may result in disqualification from consideration for any awards."  Pg. 36, XIII.A.16

Concert Organization

Performing Time
–"The first Friday/Alternate night performance shall start no earlier than 5pm and the last performance shall start no later than 10pm."  Pg. 23, IX.M.2, Pg. 28, X.M.2

Homeroom – "No playing or singing is permitted in the homeroom other than string instruments tuned (arco or pizzicato) by a director only". District Organization – Pg. 24, IX.O.6, State Qualifications – Pg. 28, X.Q, State Finals – Pg. 32, XI.F.1

Concert Performance "Use of electric or electronic instruments is prohibited in Group I H.S. Concert Organization events except when specifically called for in the original notation of the score or when electric or electronic keyboard is used to reproduce piano, organ, harpsichord, celeste, or harp.  Penalty is one division lower."  Pg. 24, IX.R.11

Vocal Sight Reading – "Each high school choir in Groups I, II, and III will sight-read, a cappella, the designated (1) rhythmic, (2) melodic unison, and (3) harmonic exercises in the same group level as sung during the concert portion of the festival.  Group IV – see S.2 {See specific guidelines on ISSMA website}" Pg. 25, IX.S.10.a

"No one shall sing any part of the exercise or play it on the piano. Exception: The director may sing only to establish tonality in the Melodic and/or Harmonic exercises.  (One division rating lower penalty will be assessed on the Choral Organization Sight-Reading Sheet penalty box.)"  Pg. 25, IX.S.10.c

"It is not permissible for the director or anyone to actualize any rhythms, harmonies, or voice leadings. Directors may establish a verbal pulse prior to the performance, (e.g. 1, 2, ready, go), and may only verbally indicate the downbeat of each measure while conducting. (Directors may conduct with a basic beat pattern, and may utilize non-audible conducting gestures, but are not permitted to physically actualize sub- divisions of the rhythm.)"  Pg. 25-26, IX.S.10.d

It is your responsibility to be aware of all rules and procedures for all events.

Please contact our office for any clarification.

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