ISSMA Copyright Service

ISSMA Copyright Service

As we know, many directors are very busy preparing their students for performances during the Marching Band and Show Choir Seasons. In an effort to make preparation for these events as easy as possible ISSMA can provide some help in the area of obtaining Permission to Arrange and Perform.

For a $200 fee ISSMA can seek and obtain the proper copyright permissions for your Show Choir or Marching Band show. To take advantage of this service, the online form must be complete at least 6 weeks before the event. Upon completion of the online form an invoice will be sent. We will begin the process of obtaining permission once the check or purchase order for the fee has been received. When permission is obtained we will send the documents to you for signatures along with any invoices from the publishers (if any do require payment for permissions).

After this you have the following two options.

  1. Mail the payment and signed documents to the publishers yourself.
  2. Send the checks (made out to the proper publishers, NOT ISSMA) and signed documents to the ISSMA office in one envelope. We will then verify the checks and paperwork are accurate and send them to the correct publishers. This may be easier for a director who has multiple publishers to work with. (Always check your school’s policy for making payments first.)

Note: Publishers/Copyright Owners always have the right to deny permission. Although we will do everything in our power to secure permission for you it is sometimes just not possible. If we are not able to obtain permission for a selection we will contact you immediately with the option of replacing it with a different one.

Note: ISSMA cannot request permission on your behalf from Hal Leonard. Any permission needed from Hal Leonard should be obtained through

If you have any questions about the service or need any help filling out the online form do not hesitate to contact Abrianne ( or 317-780-4100). We are always happy to answer and help in any way we can!

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